William O’Brien from WOCO Limited works alongside us to help clients to identify and claim for relevant research and development tax credits.

Thousands of companies across the UK spend money and time developing great new products or improving their systems in new and innovative ways, and then miss out on probably the most generous tax relief available today!  Even if you don't think that you would qualify, don't you think it's worth another look given the potential benefits? 

Talking to us is risk free.  We can usually quickly assess whether you might have a claim over the phone, and we only ever charge fees if we are successful in making a claim for you.  To survive in business in the UK today you have to innovate and make constant improvements just to stay competitive, and you might be surprised at the kinds of activity that will qualify for R&D tax credits!

Our focus is always on making the process simple and convenient, and we try to do as much of the claim for you as possible.  This includes analysing the costs, writing the detailed report for HMRC and making the necessary tax return adjustments.  

We do like to meet face to face with you to conduct the R&D review, as this often helps us to spot areas of work that might qualify for a claim that had not previously been considered.  We work hard to make the time you spend with us really count, and we are often told that the couple of hours spent in the review meeting were the most productive time in the entire year!


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