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It is a difficult subject to talk about and inheritance tax (often referred to as death taxes) is not one of the more popular taxes!  The good news is that it is one of the easier taxes to manage and plan for.  The sooner you start considering it the better.

Planning to reduce or eliminate inheritance tax is often not something that happens overnight.  It is one of those areas in tax that you need to have under regular review and to constantly tweak your plans.

We always work with clients to help reduce the inheritance tax risk whilst at the same time making sure that nothing is done in lifetime to reduce the standard of living in any way.

The reasons why inheritance tax may fall due can include increases in property values, surplus business reserves, and just simple prudence giving rise to savings and investments. There are some business reliefs and other exemptions, but it is important to make sure that the relevant conditions are met. We can give you a clear picture of what your Inheritance Tax exposure might be, and what options are open to you. If you think about Inheritance Tax early enough, you may be able to take steps to pass on more of your hard-earned wealth to your family. We can offer this advice in conjunction with specific investment advice from our Independent Financial Adviser, Deans Wealth Management, visit their website at

While you’re in the mood to “get your house in order”, we can also liaise with your legal advisers to ensure that your will is effective and to help with instructions to them about wills and trusts.

Book your free consultation to start exploring whether or not you have an inheritance tax

"problem" and to start to think about ways to mitigate this.

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