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Welcome to Deans Wealth Management.  We are independent, values based financial planners delivering fully comprehensive lifetime financial planning.

We follow a process that helps you plan for your future and we help you to achieve your goals.


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I need to know where I'm going

At an initial discovery meeting we will help you to define and record your financial goals using a financial “Road Map”. This allows us to develop a financial plan to ensure that your future financial decisions, and the advice we provide, are in complete alignment with your most important goals and your most deeply held values.  

financial plan deans wealth management

I need to make sure my money is working as hard as I am

As you focus on growing your business or developing your career, you will need expert advice on specific financial products such as mortgages and insurances. As you save for the future we can also advise on investments, including those with tax-advantages such as ISA’s and Venture Capital Trusts. And we can also help you to set up the right pension scheme for you, or for your employees, and keep it under review to make sure it’s always on the right track.

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I want to protect what I've earned

Safeguarding the fruits of your labour is a natural step to take. We can advise you on income protection, critical illness cover, permanent health, life insurance and long term care products, to give you peace of mind.

ongoing financial advice and review deans wealth management

I want to do what's right

for  my family

We can advise on appropriate investments to provide the outcomes you want for family members, including advice on the Inheritance Tax implications of different courses of action. We work alongside your other trusted professionals as you plan for the future, for example if you want to set up a family trust or when you are reviewing your will.

What Sets Us Apart

We are the only Values Based Financial Planning Team in the area offering a fully comprehensive financial planning service.  Every financial decision you make from now on will be in complete alignment with your most important goals, and your most deeply held values.

We follow a process that creates an achievable result and we hold you and everyone involved accountable – to help you achieve your goals as laid out in your Financial Road Map.  The result is that you get your entire financial house in perfect order; and then we will help you to keep it that way, forever.

Then you can spend more time doing the things that are more important than money.

We are holistic Financial Planners which means that we consider all aspects of your financial planning needs before making recommendations.  This can include advice in areas such as (but not limited to):

  • Pensions;

  • Investments;

  • *Tax and Trust Planning including Inheritance Tax;

  • Investment advice to Trustees;

  • Investment advice for Deputies and those holding a Power of Attorney;

  • Life and Health Assurance

* not all areas of estate and tax planning are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

For further information please click this link to our website


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01785 238170


Edward Marshall

Chartered Financial Planner


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