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academies and school accounts advice Deans


Welcome to the Deans Education Team. 


We have a team of professionals working with independent schools and academies in the Midlands. 


Our services include the preparation of statutory accounts, external and internal audit, audit of annual reports and pension returns as well as governance reviews.

academies and schools accounts advice Deans


preparing statutory accounts for schools Deans Accountants

We need to prepare

statutory accounts

Education sector statutory accounts are very different to those of commercial companies and so its important to have a team on your side who know about their particular presentation and disclosure requirements.  We can produce your year-end accounts to a high standard, on a timely basis and which will comply with all the necessary disclosure requirements of the relevant SORP.  

schools and academies financial reporting external audit Deans

We need an external auditor

Financial reporting in the Academies and Education sector is done to very strict reporting timescales so it’s very important that you use a firm that understands these and can help to make sure you meet them.


If you need an audit, we can provide this alongside our year-end statutory accounts preparation or as just as a pure external audit. We have been authorised as Registered Auditors for many years, and our audit systems and files are subject to periodic review by the UK 200 group and the Institute of Chartered Accountants, to give you the assurance that the quality of our work remains of the highest standard. As well as auditing your statutory accounts we can also audit your annual accounts returns too.

academies and schools internal auditor Deans

I need an internal auditor


The Education and Skills Funding Agency requires academies to have sound internal control, risk management and assurance processes, including a process for checking its financial systems, controls, transactions and risks.  We can offer advice to help you meet your obligations, assistance with discrete internal assurance assignments, or a complete plan of audit work tailored to your requirements.

companies house advice Deans

I need help with

statutory responsibilities

We can help you by completing your filings at Companies House, auditing your annual pension certificates or advising you on governance structures and the roles and responsibilities of trustees.


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Jeremy Hodgkiss

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Susan Whiting

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