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As one of Staffordshire's longest established accountancy firms, Deans has built up a reputation for providing high quality accountancy, business and financial advice for each client delivered at a personal level.

Our dedicated team operate from our office in Stafford and provide all of the usual services you would expect from a firm of experienced Chartered Accountants.

So whether you're a long - established PLC, a start-up business, a subsidiary of a European company, a local farmer or an individual looking for some sound advice, Deans has the expertise you need.

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Jeremy Hodgkiss partner at Deans Accountants

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Jeremy Hodgkiss

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Our Membership of the UK200Group and what it means

As a law/chartered accountancy firm dedicated to delivering exceptional service and results, we are proud to be members of the UK200Group, a professional services association of quality assured chartered accountancy, law, and tax led firms with a strong sense of independence. Our membership not only endorses our commitment to maintaining high standards but also brings numerous benefits to our clients.


The UK200Group and its significance

The UK200Group is a prominent association that brings together numerous independent law and accountancy firms from across the UK, fostering a network of collective knowledge and experience.

Being a part of this association allows us to gain insights from the annual UK200Group Benchmarking Survey, a crucial tool that provides a comprehensive overview of how member firms are performing in comparison to their peers.

The 2023 Benchmarking Survey has shed light on some key findings about the economic resilience, profitability, employment opportunities, overhead investments, and fee income growth among member firms. Key points to note from the benchmarking include:

• We collectively act for over 150,000 owner-managed businesses, which testifies to our extensive expertise and understanding of the business landscape.

• As a Group, we are responsible for over £262 million p.a. turnover. Putting us in terms of turnover in the top 50 professional services firms in the UK.

• Member firms are investing heavily in training, IT infrastructure and software, marketing, HR and other areas to ensure we stay informed, enabled and empowered to deliver the highest quality services to clients.

• Many member firms have close ties with local universities and schools to support and foster development of skills in the region.

• We care about the environment and sustainability with member firms leading the way in developing long term practices that are good for the world and communities in which we live.


How our membership benefits us

Our affiliation with the UK200Group comes with several tangible benefits for our clients:

• Quality Assurance: The UK200Group demands high standards from its members, ensuring that you receive services from a quality-assured firm. Our membership is a testament to our commitment to upholding these rigorous standards.

• Collective Experience: By being part of this association, we can tap into the collective knowledge and insights of over 3,600 experts across our member firms. This offers a wealth of experience which we utilise to deliver tailored solutions and informed advice to our clients.

• Commitment to Support: Our membership reinforces our commitment to support our clients, particularly during challenging times. As your professional adviser partners, we provide reliable support to help you navigate through any business challenges you may face.

• Continuity of Service: The UK200Group encourages succession planning, ensuring that service to clients remains uninterrupted, even when there are changes within the firm. This focus provides you with the assurance of continuity in service.

• Our Commitment to Our Employees: The UK200Group also highlights the importance of employee well-being, diversity, and environmental sustainability, values that we share and implement. We offer our employees mental health and flexi working policies, private health cover, a broad reward package, and promote equality, diversity, and inclusion.

In Conclusion

Our membership of the UK200Group provides us with valuable insights and resources, enabling us to continually improve our services and operations. The resilience and commitment demonstrated by member firms, as highlighted in the recent 2023 Benchmarking Survey, underline the stability and reliability you can expect when working with us.In these uncertain economic times, rest assured that our association with the UK200Group enhances our capability to serve you better, offering you the confidence and peace of mind you need when seeking professional advice.

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