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Accounting for healthcare professionals is a highly complex and specialist area so we have developed a specialist team to look after our healthcare clients. 


Led by Jeremy Hodgkiss, our healthcare partner, our team have been looking after the needs of medical practitioners for decades and we boast one of the largest healthcare teams in the area dealing with everything from partnership accounts to NHS pension scheme pays elections and everything in between.

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I need help with my partnership

accounts and tax return

Accounts for GP’s and other healthcare professionals are very different to those in other professions and that’s why you need a set of experts to guide you through them.  Prepared correctly they can help to identify key trends within your practice including areas where income may have been underclaimed such as on vaccinations or drugs reimbursements or where costs have become out of control.  

NHS pensions certificates Deans

I need help to complete my NHS pensions certificates

NHS pension certifications are highly complicated and that’s why you need the assistance and support of experts to help you prepare them.  These certificates have a direct impact on your career average earnings and hence the pension you will receive when you retire so it’s crucial to get them right.

NHS scheme pays elections Deans

I need help to understand my pension tax charges and to complete my NHS scheme pays elections

If you have had in income excess of £100,000 and a pension input in excess of £40,000 over the last few years it is likely that you will be liable for pension income tax charges.  We can help you to identify these and to ensure that the NHS pays these on your behalf if that’s the best option for you.  There are very strict and complicated deadlines in this area so you need the assistance of someone who is technically up to date to help you complete them and to make sure that no important deadlines are missed.

taking on equity partner GP practice Deans advice

Can we afford to take on another equity partner

As a firm with significant experience in this sector we can help you to put together cashflows and projections using our detailed knowledge of the sector to see if such decisions are viable and sustainable.


Should I stay in the NHS pension scheme?

This is a question we regularly get asked and unfortunately we can’t answer it for you but our financial services business Deans Wealth Management LLP can.  They have qualified financial advisers who are up to date with the latest NHS and general pension rules and regulations. For more information please see


I'm thinking of building or extending a surgery

Significant income tax allowances can be available on the building of a new or extending an existing surgery. If you have recently built or are considering building or extending a surgery we can help you to maximise any tax allowances which are available to you.

GP practice accounts advice Deans



GP Practices




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Jeremy Hodgkiss

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NHS pensions certificates Deans
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