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Tax investigations are stressful, intrusive and expensive.  The requests for information and documents usually take many hours to compile ready for onward submission to HMRC and then there are all of the follow up questions to respond to, potential meetings with Inspectors to attend and then settlement of the investigation to negotiate!

Due to this, and the fact that typical tax enquiries cost upwards of £5,000 to resolve, we are delighted to introduce our partner - AbbeyTax.  Through AbbeyTax we can offer you our Tax Investigation Fee Protection Insurance.

The service is designed to provide you with protection against the representation costs of an enquiry.  If selected for an investigation or enquiry, we will defend you in order to deliver the optimum result.  In summary, if you subscribe to our Tax Investigations Service we will:

  • Respond to HMRC on your behalf;

  • Deal with all correspondence;

  • Prepare and defend your case;

  • Negotiate the best possible outcome for you;

  • Investigations can typically last for around 19 months and cost over £5,000 in professional fees.


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